Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead


Loganberry Forest is a skill sharing platform and heirloom seed store created by Dr Angela Neyland. She is a certified permaculture designer, co-owner of Loganberry Forest Homestead and passionate organic gardener, foodie and academic. She has a PhD in geo-archaeology and is a GIS specialist as well as worked as a university teacher and sustainable living community educator.

Long before Loganberry Forest and Loganberry Forest Homestead was created, Angela shared sustainable family lifestyle skills with a global audience on youtube at her channel Loganberry Home (formerly My Minimalist baby). While this channel is still in production, Angela now focuses her efforts on developing the permaculture homestead at Loganberry Forest, saving homegrown seeds to increase the sustainability of the local food supply and sharing skills through the Loganberry Forest Youtube channel.

Angela shares Loganberry Forest Homestead with her two children Finley and Lillian as well as husband Daniel. Daniel, an engineer and data analyst is the building specialist in the family and has undertaken numerous major projects at the homestead, some of which are documented on this website.

Our Seeds

Our seeds are grown on our property using permaculture principles at Loganberry Forest Homestead.  This sets us apart from many seed sellers who often import the seeds where they are grown on industrial scales without the same consideration for environmental regeneration. Our seeds are the result of several generations of growth at Loganberry Forest and thus are highly adapted to the Australian conditions and our local temperate climate. We are not a certified organic farm but all plants on our property are grown without chemicals in line with our permaculture values using inputs such as manure, compost and worm castings and diversity and natural biological controls instead of pesticides. In fact you can see our the very plants we grow in the Loganberry Forest youtube channel and blog.

More recently we have added to our catalogue a small amount of Australian grown seed stock (about 5% of what we sell) that we did not grow ourselves so that we can offer a broader range of seed of things we are not able to grow ourselves (due to issues like cross-pollination) that our customers have asked for. We are committed to supporting Australian grown and seed growers who use organic, sustainable and regenerative growing practices. We are very transparent about what is our homegrown seed versus seed from other Australian growers. Any seed we have not grown ourselves will be stated in the listing.

Seeds are available for sale anywhere in Australia except Tasmania and Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.

Loganberry Forest Homestead

Loganberry Forest Homestead is a 20 acre permaculture property in rural Victoria, Australia. This part of Australia is characterised as cool temperate and located in a localised frost pocket making it one of the coldest places in the country.

The property was originally designed as a hobby sheep farm by the former owners with most of the area dedicated to fenced grassy paddocks, few trees and a small 3 bedroom brick house. Since moving to the property in 2015, the Neyland family have worked to transform it using permaculture design principles to provide for their family and local community. This has included converting the orchards into food forests, developing extensive kitchen gardens, berry beds and a greenhouse and retrofitting the home to allow for lower impact living. In the future there are plans to revegetate large areas of the property to provide native habitat, heating and building resources and to assist in the global efforts to mitigate climate change.