Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead



Tomato seedlings are a once a year offering available to local customers who can pick up. We may consider delivery or local markets also in Ballarat area depending on how long we have stock. These will be

Sales are via this website only. Please be careful you are selecting a seedling and not seeds if you are trying to buy only seedings.

Spring 2020 List:

Indigo Rose
College Challenger
Rouge de Marmande
Anais Noir
Blue Gold Berries
Yellow Pear
Costelio Fiorentio
Thai Pink Egg
Yellow Stuffer
Blue Berry
Yellow Honeybee
Pink Bumblebee
Black Beauty
Red Grosse Liste
Amethyst Jewel
Ned Kelly
Giant Tree Tomato
Black Shaddow
Isis Candy
Fahrenheit  Blues
Lucky Tiger
Dark Tiger
Yellow Collosal
Black from Tula
Blue Ridge Mountain
Aunt Ruby’s Green
Golden King of Serbia
Australian Red
Chocolate Pear
Sart Rolise
Indigo Blue Beauty
Black Icicle
Pink Oxheart
Granny’s Throwing
Tommy Toe
Mortgage Lifter
White Cherry
Canabe Super
Orange Cherry
Julianne Flamme
Lemon Drop
Money Maker
Japanese Black Trifele
Amethyst Cream

+ Cheaper Mystery Tomatoes (ones that lost their label)


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