Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead



Tomato and other summer seedlings are a seasonal offering available to local customers who can pickup from Gordon or Mt Egerton, VIC.

Due to COVID we are trying a different format for selling this year compared to previous years.


Starting 9am Saturday 23rd October 2021.

374 Gordon-Egerton Rd, Mt Egerton

Contactless Cash or Paypal Preferred. Pay-wave also available via Square by phoning my mobile number.

Stall may be extended to Sunday if theres a lot left or items listed online. Follow our facebook page  for up to date info on further availability.


The List! Many Rare and Usual Varieties and All Adapted to local Growing Conditions:

Amethyst Cream Lovely tiny cream coloured cherry tomato with a purple blush
Ananas Noire Multicoloured slicing tomato
Arbuznyi Rare dark coloured Russian slicing tomato
Australian Red Vibrant red lobed slicing tomato
Black Krim Dark slicing tomato with smoky flavour. Very cold tolerant
Cherokee Purple Large slicing tomato with dark colour.
Cherry Roma Red cherry tomato shaped like mini romas
Dark Galaxy Stunning mulicoloured slicing tomato
Fahrenheit Blues Very unusual cherry tomato with very dark colour and bright red flesh
Granny’s Throwing Pear shaped large heirloom. Great for sauce making.
Green and Black Slicing tomato with dark and green ripening to yellowish colours.
Jaune Flamme Orange cherry tomato with great flavour.
Money Maker Medium sized red tomato on compact bush.
Pink Bumblebee Glowing pink heart shaped cherry tomatoes.
Purple Bumblebee Purple and green striped heart shaped cherry tomatoes.
Red and Black Medium sized tomato with striking fiery red and back colours.
Red Fig Red pear shaped cherry tomatoes. Prolific.
Rouge de Marmande Lovely full sized red slicing tomato. Highly recommended in our local climate.
Tommy Toe The classic red cherry tomato.
White Cherry Cream coloured cherry tomato.
Wild Card Blue Large red tomato with dark blush.
Yellow Pear Sweet yellow pear shaped cherry tomatoes. Prolific.

Also available limited amounts of: Sweet Basil, Capsicums, Chillies, Eggplants and potential zucchini, pumpkins and cucumbers.


A smaller selection of seedlings will be available for sale on Saturday mornings at the Gordon Farmgate throughout spring and summer.

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