Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead
Our seed store is currently closed for new orders. We are undergoing a stocktake, saving new seed, testing our seed quality and getting ready in general for spring seed orders. Expect us to be back sometime in winter. Follow our social media if you want updates. Thank you for your understanding!

Cabbage – Red Express – Seeds


A fast growing red cabbage with a vibrant red/purple colour. Heads grow to 1-2kg each.

When: All year round although very young plants may be killed by frost. Will need protection from cabbage moth if grown in warmer seasons.
Plant: Start in punnets and plant out once seedlings have at least a set of true leaves. Protect small plants from snails and slugs. 60cm spacing full sun to part shade.
Seed Count: Approx 100

Seed Source: Australian grown seed. This is variety that we like to grow at Loganberry Forest but since plants in the brassica family easily cross we have not been able to yet save its seed ourselves.