Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead
Our seed store is currently offline until August while we get prepared for spring seed orders. Thanks for your understanding.

Corn – Sweet Jolly Rodger


An open-pollinated sweet corn variety developed for Australian conditions. This is a sweet corn you can grow and save your own seed, which is a rare thing for a sweet corn.

When: Spring/Summer
Plant: Plant direct or start in punnets and plant out once risk of frost has past. Plant in a block rather than a row to ensure good pollination at 25cm spacing in full sun.
Seed Count: Approx. 30

Quarantine Restrictions:Not to available to SA/WA/TAS

Seed Source and Further Details: Australian grown seed is one of the few seed varieties we have not grown ourselves but stock to provide a wider range than we could grow ourselves without risking the purity of our own seed stock.