Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead
Our seed store is currently closed for new orders. We are undergoing a stocktake, saving new seed, testing our seed quality and getting ready in general for spring seed orders. Expect us to be back sometime in winter. Follow our social media if you want updates. Thank you for your understanding!

Dill – Seeds


An annual herb with edible soft feathery leaves and strongly flavoured seeds used in alot of European recipes.


When: Spring
Plant: Start in seed punnets and plant out at 25cm spacing in full sun. Bushes grow up to 1m in size.
Seed Count: Approx 400

Seed Source: We did not grow this seed ourselves but obtained it from a reliable Australian grower. Dill will cross-pollinate with Fennel which we do grow here, so that’s good to know if you intend on saving seed and why we cannot grow it for seed ourselves.

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