Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead

Onion – Red Shine


Red onion has a milder taste than other onions which makes it great for salads but also is suitable for cooking. We think this is the best all rounder out there so often all we grow. This variety has a beautiful vibrant red-purple colour and good storage life. We have grown this variety for a few years now and selected for ones that produce a lot of bulbils as well as seeds. Bulbils can be planted as well for a head start on the next season of growing or eaten for a tasy burst of flavour.

When: Autumn
Plant: Start seeds in punnets and plant out when the first shoots form. Plant in full sun, 10cm spacing. Harvest when the tops dry and fall over. Hang whole plants in a dry place to cure for best long term storage.
Seed Count: Approx. 100

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