Homegrown Heirloom Seeds from Our Permaculture Homestead

Quality and Refund Policy

Australian consumer protection laws apply to any purchase made with us.
We will refund or exchange for any purchase that is faulty or damaged or does not meet the description given. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss any problems.

We strive to provide seed of the highest quality and germination and regularly test germination. Our seeds have a best before date and we recommend that seeds are stored in a cool dry place for the best germination. Since there are many factors which can contribute to the germination of seed which are out of our control (eg planting at the wrong time, watering, soil temperatures and storage conditions) we’d encourage you to contact us if you have a problem with your seeds to discuss this further.

With proof of purchase we will provide a refund or gift voucher to the value of individual seed packets if you have experienced poor results with our seed and there has not been a recent positive germination test undertaken by us for that seed. In this situation our policy is to suspend the sale of any suspect seed where we have had this kind of feedback and undertake germination testing to pin-point the issue so it does not affect others. On the rare occasions our tests show the seed longer meets our high quality standards we will also proactively refund other customers who have also recently purchased that seed from us.

However we also strive to regularly test our seed for viability. Where there has been a recent high germination test of a seed type, we will not be able to provide a refund of that seed if you report issues – as this would indicate the problem is with one of the many factors such as storage/growing conditions that are outside of our control.

We love to hear feedback of all kinds from our customers about their experience. Please do get in touch if you have any problems as this feedback can prevent any issues from affecting others and we are also more than happy to help if you are new to growing a type of seed. Sometimes waiting a bit longer or providing more warmth is needed to kickstart the growth. Not all seeds will pop up in the same time frame.